about the Fast ML Lab

Fast ML Lab is a research collective of physicists, engineers, and computer scientists interested in deploying machine learning algorithms for unique and challenging scientific applications. Our projects range from real-time, on-detector and low latency machine learning applications to high-throughput heterogeneous computing big data challenges. We are interested in deploying sophisticated machine learning algorithms to advance the exploration of fundamental physics from the world's biggest colliders to the most intense particle beams to the cosmos.

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An article in the CERN Courier on "Hunting anomalies with an AI trigger"

CERN Courier Nat. Mach. Intell. CERN News

Symmetry Magazine article titled "Blink and it's gone"

Symmetry Magazine

hls4ml team submits results for the first Tiny MLPerf Inference Benchmark

Tiny MLPerf

hls4ml: an open-source code framework for translating machine learning algorithms directly into FPGA firmware

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A story from Xilinx on how we use high level synthesis to find the best events at the Large Hadron Collider

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Microsoft Azure collaboration deploying FPGAs to accelerate ML to prototype computing solutions for future big science experiments

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Zenuity has become the first automotive to team up with CERN to develop ML for autonomous drive cars

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