If you are using the package please cite:

If you are using the boosted decision tree implementation, please cite also:

  • S. Summers et al., "Fast inference of boosted decision trees in FPGAs for particle physics", arXiv:2002.02534. If you are using the binary or ternary neural network implementation, please also cite:
  • G. Di Guglielmo et al., "Compressing deep neural networks on FPGAs to binary and ternary precision with hls4ml", arXiv:2003.06308

Additional talks and presentations

  • eScience 2019: talk
  • ACAT 2019: talk
  • Zurich Hands-on Course: course
  • TWEPP 2018: talk
  • CHEP 2018: talk
  • Connecting the Dots 2018: talk
  • Fermilab Research Techniques Seminar: talk
  • CERN EP/IT Data Science Seminar: talk


  • Vladimir Loncar, Jennifer Ngadiuba, Maurizio Pierini, Sioni Summers [CERN]
  • Javier Duarte [University of California San Diego]
  • Sergo Jindariani, Benjamin Kreis, Ryan Rivera, Nhan Tran [Fermilab]
  • Edward Kreinar [Hawkeye360]
  • Song Han, Philip Harris, Dylan Rankin [MIT]
  • Zhenbin Wu [University of Illinois at Chicago]
  • Mark Neubauer [University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign]
  • Shih-Chieh Hsu [University of Washington]
  • Giuseppe Di Guglielmo [Columbia University]
  • Duc Hoang [Rhodes College]

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