hls4ml.model.flow package


hls4ml.model.flow.flow module

class hls4ml.model.flow.flow.DynamicFlow(name, optimizer_func, requires=None)

Bases: Flow

A dynamically updated flow.

This flow will get the list of optimizers by calling optimizer_func. Useful to represent a view of all available optimizers of a certain type.

property optimizers
class hls4ml.model.flow.flow.Flow(name, optimizers, requires=None)

Bases: object

This class represents a collection of optimizers. The flow can optionally depend on other flows.

property optimizers
hls4ml.model.flow.flow.register_flow(name, optimizers, requires=None, backend=None)

Create a flow and add it to the registry.

  • name (str) – _description_

  • optimizers (list) – List of optimizers.

  • requires (list, optional) – List (str) of flows which have to be applied before this flow. Defaults to None.

  • backend (str, optional) – Backend to which the flow will belong. If not None, the name of the backend will be appended to the name of the registered flow. Defaults to None.


Exception – If the flow has already been registered.


The name of the registered flow.

Return type:


hls4ml.model.flow.flow.update_flow(flow_name, add_optimizers=None, remove_optimizers=None)

Add or remove optimizers to/from an existing flow.

  • flow_name (str) – The name of the flow to update.

  • add_optimizers (list, optional) – List (str) of optimizers to add. Defaults to None.

  • remove_optimizers (list, optional) – List (str) of optimizers to remove. Defaults to None.

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